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I found this post on @abookishchick page!

  1. Why did you start this blog?
    1. With no one around me who is big into reading I wanted an outlet to share my feeling and thoughts on the books I’m reading. I want to get more book recommendations and if I could give some that would be great.
  2. What are some fun and unique things you can bring to book blogging?
    1. I hope to show that reading and sharing backlisted books can be just as fun as getting the newest books. I primarily read books that I find in used book stores that are older or not as well known and I find so many books I have never heard of and are fantastic.
  3. What are you most excited for with this new blog?
    1. I would love to make some friends who also love reading where we can share our love and passion for a good book.
  4. Why do you love reading?
    1. Growing up reading was my escape. I enjoyed being alone and reading gave me a great excuse for that. I loved getting lost in a book and the story makes me forget all my worries and anxiety. As an introvert being around people exhausts me sometimes so opening a book and being alone with something that helps me decompress brings me so much joy.
  5. What book series got you into reading?
    1. Although I was reading since I was four the series that sparked that love and was the first series I followed from beginning to end would Harry Potter. I know it isn’t the most unique book series but when it was released my mom brought it home we read a chapter together every night and I was hooked. I read it multiple times waiting for the next book to come out. My brother and sister quickly lost interest but I thought the story was so exciting and I followed it all the way to the end. Once I got old enough I convinced my mom to take me to the midnight releases to get them the moment they came out.
  6. What questions would you ask your FAVOURITE authors?
    1. One of my favorite authors is Sarah Dessen. I would ask her what inspired her to keep all her books in one town and how she keeps the timeline of all her books going without getting mixed up. I would also ask her where her inspiration comes from. She writes YA romance and they are all so different.
  7. What challenges will be the hardest to overcome, with starting a new blog?
    1. Consistency. I need to learn to prioritize my new blog and make sure I’m writing a post at least once a week. That is my goal. I also want to have original content that draws people in.
  8. When did you start reading?
    1. I can’t honestly remember. My mom was very big on reading with us every night and my siblings and I all read at a very early age. I know I was reading books and had a bookshelf with the books I was reading since kindergarten and I have always read since.
  9. Where do you read?
    1. I have a recliner I love to read in with my blanket. I also love going and having a quiet lunch by myself and reading a book while having a bowl of soup or a sandwich.
  10. What books do you like reading?
    1. Lately I have been reading a mix of YA and Adult Thrillers. My tastes change depending on my mood and when my anxiety is up I like a hard hitting contemporary.

That is a little bit about me. What age did you start reading? I would love to know if you’ve been a life long reader or a new reader in your later years?

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